How To Approach a Kakwa Girl

Approaching a kakwa girl in public can be daunting.
However, if you pay attention to her body language and respect her personal boundaries,
there is no reason for you to come across as creepy. With some confidence and practice, you
can do it bro.
1. Make Eye Contact
If you see a kakwa girl you’d
like to meet, try to make eye contact
before talking to her. Look away for a few minutes then try looking at her again. If she catches you stealing quick glances at her, then smile. It
demonstrate to her that she has caught your attention and you are interested in her.
If she makes eye contact or smiles at you. it could be a sign that she’s
interested in you approaching her!

2. Start a Conversation. Don’t Say you look beautiful. This are common words used every minutes.
You could comment on the general atmosphere of the venue: “It’s pretty cool in here, isn’t it?” or “I can’t believe they painted the walls orange” to break the ice. Just say something about the environment. If she doesn’t seem interested in talking, leave her alone.
3. Don’t Overthink It:
When approaching a kakwa girl, you don’t want to come off as if you are trying too hard. You will want to present yourself as if you are addressing a friend. If you are
Shy, remember the saying “fake it until you make it” and pretend that you are confident.
3. Practice:
Think of something to say ahead of time before you approach her to prevent choking and being too nervous to speak to her. Practice what you will say a few times in your head or even out loud in private before speaking to her.

5. Approach her even if she’s with a group of friends.
If she’s with friends, try talking to the group rather than just one girl.
Don’t fear approaching a group of girls. If you are confident, you will be admired for your confidence and courage.

6. Give Her Contacts:
If she seems interested and you are still interested, try to make plans for a future meet-up. Give her your phone number.
You could ask her for her number or give her yours. When giving out your number, you could try saying something that appears to be off-the-cuff and smooth by saying, “Hey, can I give you my number real quick before we go?” and then write it down or enter it into her phone (if she offers it). If you have a business card, you can simply hand that to her instead of
writing out your contact.

7. Ask Her On Date:
Always choose a public place for a date; you want her to feel comfortable. Have a place in mind if you do ask, or ask her if she knows of a good place.

8. Be Respectful:
This is the most important part of approaching a girl in public or in any situation. Show respect by talking to her in a courteous way. Avoid swearing, making fun of her, commenting on her body inappropriately, and telling dirty jokes. Being respectful generally indicates that you are a good person that you can potentially be trusted.